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Amazigh people are indigenous people of North Africa, some 20 million non-Arabic Tamazight and Tamasheq speakers, from the Oasis of Siwa  in Egypt , to Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, the Canary Islands (Guanches) , the Sahara Desert, Mali and Niger.  This  whole region, which is larger than one third of Africa,  is called "Tamazgha" in Berber languages.  Because of  "Near East" and "Middle East" or other Oriental  linguistic and cultural misnomers have been applied to our lands,, our indigenous cultures have been minimized and marginalized to the detriment of their African origins and th

Tue 27 Mar 2012
The image has gone around the world: the Amazigh flag floating over liberated Tripoli . The emotion was at the measure of the surprise it created. The regime which has repressed Imazighen the most, to the point of severally punishing the use of their language even in private, has crumbled. It was hard to believe for it felt like the world had finally accepted, like a fatality, the victory of triumphant pan-Arabism. As if, the ideology of the “green Book” had succeeded in erasing a millenary history to which, since Herodotus, the very name of Libya —the name of a Berber tribe—is associated.
Mon 12 Mar 2012
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